"The Landing  Lake Lugano" Oil on canvas, canvas size is
22" x 28". In the pointillist style. Framed size is 28" x 34".
"Fall on Anchor Beach" Canvas Size is 24"x 30".Framed size is 30"x 36".
Painted in 1975 . Lots of texture and movement.
This painting is not for
sale! This is an iconic Swayhoover that I do not want to sell!
"Strawberry Lane" Oil on canvas
,canvas size is 22"x 28". Framed size
is 28" x 34" . At the studio $2,400
"SUMMER SAIL"  Oil on canvas, 24" x
30". Currently unframed. (Painted in
1988.) $2,800 ...  A real Florida painting.
"Fishing For  Blues" oil on canvas ,16" x 30"
$1,800...Currently unframed... PAINTING HAS BEEN