Biography...and artist statement...
Galleries with Swayhoover originals...
Albert Swayhoover was born in New York City. He studied art at the New York College on Long Island, and at
the School of Visual Arts, Dividing his time between painting and a successful career in advertising .The
demand for his canvases increased steadily and in 1966, he left the advertising world to devote himself totally
to painting. He has had many successful one-man shows in leading galleries across America. His work has
been in Museum shows and on magazine covers .Some of his paintings hang in important private collections as
well as the corporate collections of IBM,Chase,CBS ,Pfizer ,Raymond James and many others. With the advent
of the publishing of his work as limited editions and posters, he is one of the most collected artist in America
.And now in Europe and Asia his work is growing in popularity as well. He has won many artistic awards in his
long career as an artist.
I consider my paintings to be realist /impressionist, and I use oil paint as my principal medium. My choice to use
painting knives as my only tools, has given my work a distinctive look and feel. I'm actually sculpting the paint to
the canvas. It is a very difficult technique to master and it is a continual learning process. I pay careful attention
to the composition and the colors I will use. Many elements go into achieving a successful painting and they all
must be in balance. This is an artists primary objective...If he is successful then the painting will be also.  
Originals now at the BEV'S Fine art Gallery,7400 Six Forks Rd.
STE 19    Raleigh, N.C.  27615    Phone 631-848-8769

Boston Harbor  Museum, Boston , Mass....  Prints

Member of the Artist  Orlando , Fl.

Shaatchi Gallery , London England...On line gallery. Originals.

Magnolia Box Gallery, Harrogate, U.K....Posters

World Gallery ,United Kingdom....Posters
"Café' Jardin" Oil on canvas, framed size is
32" x 38".
This is also a signed poster... $150.00.Mailing
included ,same size as the original.
Swayhoover  Studio  Archive...
Photos of paintings that have been recently purchased at auctions. Most are from the 1960's and early 70's.
"Gilgo Beach"
"Old Oak Island"
"Hampton Bay"
The photos on this page are from people who bid at
auction and won! They email photos to the studio to
validate the authenticity and history of the art work and the
date it was completed. Many paintings have been
auctioned in recent years and the interest in Swayhoover
paintings is growing!
"Cape May House"...A very early painting
from the 60's .Slightly abstracted and with
a bold look.
A new old  painting that just showed up on Long Island from
the early 70's. An Oak Island painting. It is a bold work of
mine and it looks good!