Posters at the studio...and  3 limited edition prints...Lots of sites
on line with Swayhoover posters...Check them out!
POSTER."View from Wingershire Beach" Image size is 13" x 37". Paper size is 18" x 40".
$150. Mailing included.
POSTER "Portland Light"  Paper size
is 26"x 34", image size is 22"x28".
These two posters are only available from the
Albert Swayhoover studio. And they are signed.
"Summer Place" Limited edition print signed by
the artist...
 16" x 24".  $75. Mailing included
"Osprey Point Poster" Image size is 24" x 36" ,  paper size is 28" x 40".This is a large
poster it is only $80.00 and it is signed. Mailing is included. This poster was used in the
background of an episode of "Law and Order" A very popular poster!
"On  Cedar Point"  Limited edition  print signed by the artist.
17" x 24"  $75.  Mailing included.
"October Snow"  Image size is 15" x 21"
Limited edition print signed by the artist.
$75. Mailing included.
"Ocean Views Poster" 12" x 36" with 3 images of nautical scenes . $60.00 signed and mailing included.
"The Wanderer"   This poster is available from the studio & it is
signed  $200.00..Mailing included.